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Waterstones, which started its commercial activities by opening its first store in 1982, serves not only in the UK but also in countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands. In total, around 4000 people work in these stores. The company recruits personnel at regular intervals in order to maintain its services. Job applications can be made online through official websites. People who want to work here must be over the age of 16.

Waterstones Employment Opportunities & Salary

Various jobs are available in both entry-level and management positions. The company primarily determines open positions and publishes job postings related to this. Experiences required for each position will differ from each other. No extra experience is expected for most entry-level positions. There can be work in two sections, headoffice and bookseller.

Barista: This position is mostly a part-time job. People who can work in a fast environment and have a certain experience as a Barista are preferred. There should be people who are skilled in coffee making and suitable to work in teams. Individuals who are passionately devoted to both books and coffee will be preferred who want to develop their career plan in this direction.

Bookshop Manager: It should be people who strive for the company to achieve commercial success. They are responsible for welcoming customers who come to the business and bringing the customer service experience to the top. You are responsible for organizing the store environment to attract book enthusiasts. It is also your responsibility to manage the products in stock and to ensure that the personnel working under you do their job properly. Your staff should be able to suggest new, similar books to people looking for books, and chat with them to a certain extent. When necessary, you should be able to show initiative and provide a service with your team that will encourage the customer to come back to buy books.

Bookseller: You should love this job and approach people in a friendly manner. You should help customers choose their appeal, sometimes in person and sometimes on the phone. Apart from the branch where you work, you should support other branches when necessary. People who want to work in this position can go to the store they want to work and apply for a job.

Waterstones Jobs Apply Online

1. Online Application Page

2. Select either “I want to be a bookseller” or “I want to Join Head Office” and click / tap on it.

3. If you select “I want to be a bookseller”, a page with explanations about it will open. Lower the page and tap / click “Bookshop Locator”. Job applications to start working as a bookseller are made directly through the store. Therefore, you should find the nearest store on the map and go there. Alternatively, you can call the store and ask if there is an open position.

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