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SKY is a company that operates not only in the UK but also in 7 different countries. With nearly 25 million customers, the company is one of the leading businesses in the entertainment and media industry. People who want to work here have the opportunity to work in many different departments. It includes both entry-level positions and management positions. This content will explain how to apply for a job online. Afterwards, brief explanations for each position and the locations that can be applied will be shared.

Sky Jobs Apply Online

Sky Application  Process - Jobs

1. Apply Online Jobs Login Page.

2. This will open the page with Sky job postings for UK. You can narrow the search by entering Keyword or Department.

Employment Opportunities & Salary Info

Here, you will be briefed about the positions and the locations where you can work will be listed. You can apply for a job by choosing the most suitable position for you.

Java Developer: You should be able to use technologies such as Kubernetes and Docker well. Through them, you must design microservices applications, then develop them and test what you do. You should be able to dialogue with other colleagues working in developer positions like you. It is very important that you exchange information with them. You should help your young developer friends who are more inexperienced than you and take part in in-house training. The applications you will prepare should be easily understood by other friends in the team. Salary: People who will work as SKY Java Developer can earn between £ 32,123 – £ 58,687 a year. In positions like this, the salary will vary according to the person’s experience.

Open LocationsApply Online
Isleworth, London, EnglandDescription & Apply

Accounts Assistant: Accounts Assistant: You will support your teammate working in the position of Finance Analyst. You will be involved in the calculation of media cost and income required for the provision of accounting and reporting services. You are expected to be familiar with SAP and Microsoft Excel programs. You are required to be experienced in general accounting and have the necessary knowledge in double-entry bookkeeping. You must have a certain practicality in accounting. People who will work in SKY Accounts Assistant positions can earn a yearly salary between £ 21,433 and £ 24,291.

Open LocationsApply Online
Livingston, ScotlandDescription & Apply
Livingston, Scotland (6 Month FTC)Description & Apply

Retail Sales Advisor: Retail Sales Advisor: You are expected to promote products and services by meeting customers face to face. You should listen carefully to customers and understand what their need is. Then, you should provide solutions that suit your needs. Selling the right package to the right customer is one of the most important issues. Get to know the products in detail and convey your expertise to the customer. Salary: People who will work in the SKY Retail Sales Advisor position can earn between £ 24,456 and £ 35,123 per year.

Open LocationsApply Online
Camberley, England (Full Time)Description & Apply

Customer Sales Advisor: Any customer will contact you whenever they want to change the product or leave SKY. You should establish a dialogue with customers and be able to present the services and products that SKY has sold. You must have a passion for selling products and be able to understand customers. You must understand what the products are. Employees in the SKY Customer Sales Advisor position will receive an annual salary of £ 19,150. However, you will receive between £ 4,000 and £ 7,000 per year for your sales.

Open LocationsApply Online
Livingston, ScotlandDescription & Apply

DevOps Engineer: You should be able to make small changes on the command line when necessary. You are the first person to contact for any cost optimization within the GCP platform. Your difference from other people on the DTA team is the ability to make changes. You will be involved in reducing costs, making proper optimizations and making the necessary planning in order to make savings.

Open LocationsApply Online
Livingston, Scotland
Leeds, England
Isleworth, England
Description & Apply

Home Service Engineer: You should be interested in technology and be able to solve any problem immediately when it occurs. Persons taking office in this position must have a Full UKmanualdriving license. You must make extra effort to keep the customer satisfied. While performing the installation work, you must promote the customer other services and products sold by the company. Employees in the position of Sky Home Service Engineer will receive an annual salary of £ 22,000.

Open LocationsApply Online
Buckinghamshire, EnglandDescription & Apply

Learning Architect: You have to be passionate about work and make extra effort to improve yourself. You must be in constant curiosity and strive to ensure that Learning @ CSG’s offerings improve on behalf of the company and its partners. Take any concept or vision to consider business needs and generate a variety of ideas and sales pitches from there. You must appropriately present the learning through a virtual, digital solution or face-to-face dialogue.

Isleworth, Leeds, Sheffield, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Derby, Stockport, Dunfermline, Livingston, ScotlandDescription & Apply

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