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Founded in Morrisons, Yorkshire, with one of the leading companies in the food retail industry. The main characteristic of the people working here is that they are friendly. Morrisons has job opportunities in many different departments, from entry-level positions to management-level positions. You can complete the online job application in 15-20 minutes at any time.

Morrisons Jobs Apply Online

Morrisons Application Process - Jobs

1. Online Application Login Page

2 Press / touch the “Search Jobs” button at the top of the page or the green “Search & apply” button at the bottom.

3. You can narrow your search by selecting from “Business Unit”, “Department” and “Location”.

4. Open positions will be listed according to the conditions you specified. Click / tap on the position name or the green “More Info” button slightly below it.

5. After examining the position descriptions in detail, click / tap the green “Apply” button at the top or bottom of the page.

Morrisons Employment Opportunities & Salary Info

Home Delivery Drivers: You should do your job professionally while taking the products ordered by the customers to the delivery point. Approaching people with a smiling face when delivering products is as important as driving the car well. You will deliver the products determined daily on time. You will follow the maintenance procedures for the vehicle. Always consider the procedures for restricted products, if any. Always control the vehicle’s tires, water and fuel. Salary: Employees in the Morrisons Home Delivery Driver position can earn between £ 15,485 and £ 22,485 a year.

Open LocationsApply OnlineClosing Date
Boroughbridge – Part TimeDescription & Apply31 Jan 2021

Night Manager: You do your best to make the store suitable for the customer who will be shopping during the day. You have to lead your teammates who will do these things and ensure that they complete tasks in a motivated manner. You report to the person working in the position of Store Manager about the work done on a certain routine. You should remember that the customer is always the first priority. If necessary, you should be able to train your team. You should identify those who are talented in some areas among the people in charge of the department and make an effort for their development. Salary: Employees in the Morrisons Night Manager position can earn between £ 28,000 and £ 33,000 a year.

Open LocationsApply OnlineClosing Date
Kettering (4 nights over 7)Description & Apply02 Feb 2021

Customer Assistant: Customer assistants, who are part of the store team, are tasked with providing good service to shoppers. If the shopper is satisfied with the service, he / she will re-shop and thus increase the profitability of the company. Sometimes you will do the replenishment work, and sometimes you will receive the payment from the customer at the cash register. You should love to work and be in a do-it-yourself structure. You will work in different kinds of shifts, mainly morning and night shifts. Salary: People who will work in Morrisons Customer Assistant positions can earn between £ 8.90 and £ 10.20 per hour.

Open LocationsApply OnlineClosing Date
Wymondham (Nights)Description & Apply07.02.2021
Wishaw (Part Time Permanent)Description & ApplyApply201.02.2021

Fresh Food Manager: You should listen carefully to customers and give appropriate answers in line with their demands. It should be remembered that customers are at the center of the business in order to maximize customer service. You must report to the person working in the Store Manager position regarding your work. You should provide training to improve the skills of other colleagues in your team. You should establish relationships with friends working in other departments and pass things around when appropriate. Those who will work in the position of Morrisons Fresh Food Manager can earn a yearly salary between £ 22,748 and £ 26,748.

Open LocationsApply OnlineClosing Date
CatcliffeDescription & Apply 25.01.2021
HullDescription & Apply25.01.2021

Skilled Butcher: It is expected that you will have received sufficient training and become a qualified butcher in a supermarket or a different business. You should have gained enough experience working in a similar retail environment. You should adapt to teamwork with a team, and you should not go beyond the standards of the company related to the business. You should always strive to improve the work done and be able to communicate well with people. If you can successfully fulfill your duties even in busy times, you are the right person for this position. Salary: Employees in the Morrisons Skilled Butcher position can earn between £ 15,649 and £ 18,579 per year.

Open LocationsApply OnlineClosing Date
Mitcham (Full Time Permanent)Description & Apply 28.02.2021

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