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Although it is a company based in Uk, it also provides services in various stores in USA, Australia and Asia. JD Sports, which currently sells products in nearly 1000 stores, started its commercial activities in 1981. There are many entry-level positions here. By starting to work in any position, you get the chance to rise over time. The company regularly publishes job postings suitable for open positions on its official website in order to maintain its operation and service. You can apply for a job by following them.

JD Sports Jobs Apply Online

JD Sports Application Process - Jobs

1. Online Application

2. Find JD from “Select Brands” section and select it.

3. You can narrow the search from “Your Location”, “Job Title”, “Distance / Radius”, “Select Business Area” sections.

4. Finally, press / tap the “Search” button and see posted job postings for all open positions.

5. Alternatively, you will see summary information about all positions and a list of open positions in the rest of the content. You can also apply for a job online using the link there.

JD Sport Employment Opportunities & Salary

Assistant Manager: It is a role defined to assist your store manager. Other tasks defined for you must be carried out properly. If your manager is absent for any reason, you will have to undertake his duties. You should focus on progressing the work done without breaking the standard and making efforts to achieve the goals. Keeping customer service at the highest level should be your main goal. People who want to work in the role of JD Sports assistant managers receive annual salaries between £ 24,735 and £ 26,735.

Open Locations (18)Apply OnlineClosing Date
Wood Green, High Street (Full Time)Description & Apply31/01/2021
Epsom (Full Time)Description & Apply31/01/2021
Beckton, Gallions Reach (Full Time)Description & Apply31/01/2021
ILFORD, HIGH ROAD (Full Time)Description & Apply31/01/2021
Hackney (Full Time)Description & Apply31/01/2021
Watford (Full Time)Description & Apply31/01/2021
Bristol Airport (Full Time)Description & Apply31/01/2021
WrexhamDescription & Apply31/01/2021
Clacton JD First SportDescription & Apply31/01/2021
Clacton on SeaDescription & Apply31/01/2021
WOOLWICHDescription & Apply31/01/2021
Walworth Road StoreDescription & Apply31/01/2021
HUDDERSFIELDDescription & Apply31/01/2021
HatfieldDescription & Apply31/01/2021
Welwyn Garden CityDescription & Apply31/01/2021
WANDSWORTHDescription & Apply31/01/2021
Edinburgh GyleDescription & Apply29/01/2021
Edinburgh St JamesDescription & Apply28/02/2021

Management Opportunities:People who are strong in leadership and also have strong communication skills are ideal for this position. You should be able to inspire your team and motivate them with your speeches or actions when necessary. The profitability of the branch where you work is your responsibility. In order to achieve the goals, you must be able to take initiative and bring creative ideas to life. You should have detailed knowledge of the areas JD Sports serves, and have a passion for customer service.

Open LocationsApply OnlineClosing Date
SOUTH EAST – LONDONDescription & Apply31/01/2021
SUFFOLK REGIONDescription & Apply31/01/2021
Glasgow Fort Shopping Park / UKDescription & Apply31/01/2021
BRISTOL AIRPORTDescription & Apply31/01/2021
BRIGHTONDescription & Apply31/01/2021
CRAWLEYDescription & Apply31/01/2021
BOURNEMOUTHDescription & Apply31/01/2021
SOUTHAMPTONDescription & Apply31/01/2021
PORTSMOUTHDescription & Apply31/01/2021
GREAT LONDONDescription & Apply31/01/2021
SOUTH WEST – LONDONDescription & Apply31/01/2021
NORTH WEST – LONDONDescription & Apply31/01/2021

Store Manager: You should properly manage your team working in the store and make plans to increase sales. Your main goal should be to increase the profitability of the store. To achieve this, you must provide the necessary training to other friends in your team. You should protect company standards and try to exceed KPIs. You must approach professionally and be able to represent the company. You must ensure that the service offered to customers is top notch and strive for the customer to come back. Whenever there is a problem or complaint, you should solve that problem. You should question whether the customer is satisfied with the service.

Open LocationsApply OnlineClosing Date
Woking Description & Apply31/01/2021
Seacroft / UKDescription & Apply31/01/2021
CatfordDescription & Apply31/01/2021

Sales Assistant Full Time/Part Time/Seasonal/Nights: You must be able to meet the expectations of the customers who come to the store to shop and ensure that they leave the store in the best possible way. You should contribute to your teammates in the necessary work and reach the sales targets set for you. It is one of your main duties to maximize the profitability of the store as a team. You should welcome the customer entering the store in a sincere and warm manner. Offer alternative or complementary products to a customer who buys any product and aim to sell more. Pay attention to the maintenance of product standards. Make sure the products look clean and stylish.

Open LocationsApply OnlineClosing Date
Milton Keynes (Full Time)Description & Apply30/09/2021
Milton Keynes (Part Time)Description & Apply30/09/2021
Milton Keynes (Seasonal)Description & ApplyApply230/09/2021

Supervisor Retail: You must strive to maintain the level of customer service and even improve it. You will work under the Junior Management team and deal with some management processes every day in line with the instructions given by the people working in the store management. Whenever a customer makes a complaint or asks a question, you should listen carefully. You should check that the salespeople are dressing and grooming according to company standards.

Open LocationsApply OnlineClosing Date
Bristol AirportDescription & Apply31/01/2021

Floor Manager: You will support the staff in the position of Store Manager. The connection between Management and Sales personnel will be established on you. You will need to take responsibility for some of the work that needs to be done in the store. You should take ownership of some parts of the workshop and make an effort to increase the sales made by the store. You have to suggest ideas and work to improve the store to improve the operation.

Open LocationsApply OnlineClosing Date
Derby, The Eagle CentreDescription & Apply31/01/2021

Paid Media Executive: You must be a person who cares about details and be able to manage time well. You must be able to do multiple jobs successfully and be analytical. You should be good at interacting with people and be able to present anything well. You should be able to master all paid media items and be able to present performance reports. Keep track of daily broadcast and performance and optimize when necessary. Follow the daily budget regularly according to the performance and make optimization processes at the necessary stages.

Open LocationsApply OnlineClosing Date
JD SPORTS FASHION PLC HEAD OFFICEDescription & Apply28/02/2021

Control Room Supervisor: As of the time you start working for this role, the necessary training will be provided by authorized persons. You will take on the task of developing and writing SOPs, taking into account the company’s standard formatting. You will support all necessary work related to Control Room Operations and, if necessary, undertake other tasks. You will both develop and extract reports in order to determine what caused the problem and then to be presented to the relevant departments.

Open LocationsApply OnlineClosing Date
KINGSWAY DISTRIBUTION CENTREDescription & Apply28/01/2021

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