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The company, headquartered in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, started its business activities in 1982. Seeing the growth of the business, “Peacock Group” bought “Bonmarché” in 2002 and incorporated it. Serving in around 400 stores, Bonmarché employs around 4500 people in total in these stores. If you want to be included in the staff of the company where products are sold, especially for large size women’s clothing, you can apply for a job online. The company, which has both entry-level and managerial positions, has open positions at certain periods. By following the posted job postings, you can send your application to the position that suits you.

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Cluster Supervisor: You should be able to lead the team determined for you and carry out the tasks defined within this scope. The company should make efforts to bring the sales of the products sold to the best point, and the delivery of the purchased products should be made in a short time. In addition, the stock status in the store should be followed, and when there are missing products, new ones should be replaced. When there are no employees in the management team, you should take responsibility and ensure that the operation continues and maintain the company standards. Sometimes it is a position that will require you to travel. For this reason, you should be active and able to adapt to flexible working hours.

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Store Manager: You should ensure that customer service is provided in the best possible way. You should also increase the store’s sales and maximize profits. You must do your best to maintain high retail standards. You are responsible for the store team’s self-improvement and proper functioning. Treat both people on your team and customers with courtesy and respect.

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